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About us

This web page is own and operated by Ashraf ul Alam with aims and ambition to bring the latest and the greatest news and information on the tech market around the globe.

There is no selfish moto in creating this webpage nor at least intentionally has an agenda to spread or promote anything defective or possibly anything that proofs to be a complete loss of money or time of the customers/consumers of this webpage. 

This is solely designed to serve creativity and knowledge at it's best with no intentions to be disrespectful or give out biased reviews of any kind. Operating alone side a Youtube channel & Facebook page so as to be able to provide content to the customers/consumers of LifeBeingPractical verbally which tends to a better understanding for the viewers.


Although the provided content in these platforms will be free of cost. But, as a motivation for my own consistency, I only ask all the visitors of LifeBeingPractical to be supportive and show so by Liking, sharing, commenting & subscribing to LifeBeingPractical which keeps a push on the creator to keep creating and be consistent in what this webpage serves.

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