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Samsung Galaxy Fold reincarnated, But is it any good or just a retouched delivery | LifeBeingPrcatical

Samsung Galaxy Fold or Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.0 call it anything as Samsung has finally launched its long-awaited Galaxy Fold to a few selected regions only for now. But, Is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.0 is any better or just a retouched or refurbished model that's being handed out as a 2.0 model?
Below is a quick analysis of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.0.

Samsung Galaxy Fold reincarnated, But is it any good or just a retouched delivery

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung's new Galaxy Fold as I call it Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.0(Its's just more easy for me) is a reincarnated second device from Samsung as we all know Note 7 was the first in Samsung's reincarnation list and who knows in future we might see more reincarnations of devices form Samsung. But, reincarnation is not the star of the show today, The star of the show today is the relaunched Samsung Galaxy Fold which by the way Samsung calls it Fold 5G. Obviously being a reinvented device there is a scope of improvement in Galaxy Fold 2.0 and so it is. The detailed analysis will be as such.

App Continuity

Now, this was present in the last device as well but this time Samsung gave it a name and calls it App continuity which indicates that when the user shifts from the secondary one-handed use only display to the main unfolded display, the currently open app automatically configures according to the main display. Which is nothing new almost every known smartphone with two display has this functionality, but what makes Samsung standout it is first given name '' App Continuity'' and secondly the auto responsive configuration of the device to fit the app or apps informs the user wants without much distortion.

Multi-active window 

The multi-active window is what I meant with the ''Auto responsive configuration'' in the main display of Galaxy Fold 2.0 the user gets to fit in more than 2 Apps taking the multi-tasking to a whole another level in terms of a smartphone and what is a concern about this type of feature is having 2 or more concurrent Apps running is a same display (obviously in allowed devices only) the distortion level is very high and that's what Samsung has claimed to have fixed which is the Multi-active window allows very less distortion but one thing to bear in mind is that this feature won't work with every app as not all apps are under Samsung's control.

Infinity Flex Display 

Samsung's Infinity Display trend started with the S8 devices have got an upgrade and now called as an Infinity Flex display, this name is specific to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.0. The name is no doubt designed to fit the aesthetics of the device which it's folding capabilities. And the major reason the Galaxy Fold devices were recalled was the issues with the display. And the relaunch of the Galaxy Fold 2.0 with a name Infinity Flex display is to match it's screen aesthetics indicates that they fixed the display issues and possibly have included much more guidelines (if not fixed completely) as to how to use the device so that the user doesn't abominate the Galaxy Fold 2.0 as its predecessor. Also, talking about the display of the device in the camera department the Galaxy Fold 2.0 comes with 6 total cameras 3 at the back 2 in front of the inside display and 1 in the forefront of the secondary display which is nothing new it's the same.

Dual Battery & Wireless power share

Again the Dual battery and wireless power share aren't new to the Galaxy Fold 2.0 but as the reports suggest it's improved and better than the previous device. Now, if you don't know about this feature Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.0 comes with 2 batteries on both halves of the device and the supposed back of the device which the opposite side of the secondary screen has the wireless power-sharing feature which is used to wirelessly charge the other peripherals like the earbuds, Samsung smartwatch, etc.

Overall opinion:

The last time Samsung relaunched one of its device Note 7 they took almost a year to fixed the issue and hand it out for consumers to purchase. But. this time around Samsung seems to be very quick with their Galaxy Fold 2.0. Now the reason behind being so quick this time with Galaxy Fold 2.0 may have to do a lot with what was the problem and the major problem was with the screen and everyone knows how strong is Samsung in their screen department this might imply the quickness of Samsung, but again the problem might not have been that major after all, All they had to do was stick in some guidelines on how to use the device and tweak the software a little bit. Or it may be all the other way around and who knows the issues might not have been solved completely and issues might start to show up again with more people using the new 2.0 version of the Galaxy Fold but until reports.
Here is the new reincarnated Samsung Galaxy Fold for you from Samsung everything is the same just maybe a little better use it find or just watch others cry or criticize Galaxy Fold 2.0 only future will tell. 

Everybody makes their share of affords to rectify one's mistakes, All we need to understand is not always a problem has a solution - Asharf

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