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Apple 2019 Launch Event, iPhone 11, 11Pro & 11Pro Max features, pricing, review, opinion, Is this the best iPhone yet? | LifeBeingPractical

2019 what a year to be alive (that's a good compliment by the way). So 10th of September 2019 our beloved mobile phone company Apple has unveiled their remodel iPhone X's ladies and gentleman.
Okay, Being serious Apple just launched their new smartphones and have put it out in the market and waits for the Kidney occasion to get started as the new and innovative iPhones, the iPhone 11( R version of iPhones), iPhone 11pro & iPhone 11pro Max hits the store.

Apple 2019 Launch Event, iPhone 11, 11Pro & 11Pro Max features, pricing, review, opinion, Is this the best iPhone yet?

So, just like last year, Apple introduced three different models of iPhone naming them iPhone 11, 11Pro & 11Pro Max. Which ask me is not terrible considering Apple as Apple. But in terms of something new, that's far fetched for Apple to consider serving to the table. But that does not certify that Apple doesn't improve the services and products performance. That's a department I'm personally fond of when it comes to performance in Apple devices.

iPhone 11, 11Pro & 11Pro Max features, pricing, review, opinion, Is this the best iPhone yet?

The expectation window has been always very narrow of the Apple customers, or anyone who is looking forward to the next-gen iPhones basically know's themselves that it will be nothing but a remodel of previous devices that Apple made. So, design-wise nothing to dig for but features-wise Apple does something even though it's something that's been in other Andriod devices for ages. So, taking about features we get in the latest iPhones are.

Features & Upgrades:

Features and upgrades wise the new iPhone 11pro & 11pro Max get three-camera setup in the back of the device Telephoto, Wide & ultra-wide lenses are been fitted in the square block that's in the back looking at the world and this time around Apple has introduced the most awaited ''night mode'' in the new iPhones (I mean...huh). But, with the iPhone 11 the ''r'' version of iPhones, we also get an upgrade looking at the fact that the last year's iPhone Xr only came with a single camera in the back of the devices which this time around comes with two camera module in the same square block design. Talking about the performance the iPhone 11, 11Pro & 11Pro Max comes with the iOS 13 bionic chipset and iOS 13 installed right out the pack. Same old glass sandwich design follows the new iPhones but as always Apple states to have been used the strongest glass to make their new iPhones. I don't know what's strong about glass as one or a thousand hits glass breaks all the same.
In the front of the device, there is nothing to talk about as everything is the same, the same notch the pattern and form factor. No in-display fingerprint even this time of life but Apple states to have a better and improved Face ID. Apple's Face ID is not that bad just having options makes life more easy and convenient. iPhones this year are going to be available in 4 different matte finished colors which looked all the same to me whereas, the iPhone 11'r' is going to be all rainbow, like all the other 'R' or 'E' devices Apple has announced till date. And finally in the battery department, everything's the same as the fast charger will be sold separate, wireless charging is enabled and finally no official no. on the mAh mark for the battery, all they know is the battery in the new iPhones are going to last 5 more hours than the previous ones.
And the big reveal the pricing of the iPhone 11, 11pro & 11pro max is going to be.
iPhone 11                - $699
iPhone 11 Pro          - $999
iPhone 11 Pro Max- $1099
Nothing too out of the world, only maybe iPhone 11 may have being a little less considering it's for the ones that want a budget device but of Apple's.  

Apple 2019 Launch Event, iPhone 11

Apple retail

Now, Apple retail was the part that I loved about the most in the whole event and in this part it talked about how Apple retail outlet works which no doubt is the best place to buy Apple products due to its customer service and whatnot. But, what's new was a brief in about the new Apple watch series 5 and customizability of the new watches you can choose whatever straps or bands you want for your Apple Watch and pair them together in the Apple store itself. But, Most importantly what stroked my mind was the ability to walk in the Apple store with your old iPhones and exchange them for the new one. Now, that's not like give and take kind of situation the worth of your old phone will be seen and priced accordingly and what remains have to be paid in order to claim the new iPhone you want to buy. I like the initiative taken to buy Apple as most of us throw away our old phones which is in no way shape or form safe or healthy for our environment and this initiative will surely promote the recyclability of smartphones.

Apple 2019 Launch Event, Apple watch series 5


Concluding the whole launch event there isn't anything new. The launch event was as usual how Apple is known for so the expectations were as such. And talking about the devices itself there isn't any major upgrade to them either and as usual, the new iPhones just looks like the reworked or remodeled versions of the previous iPhones. The price tag to match does the price of the new iPhones stands up to the mark? No, as many other Andriod smartphones offer  much more with their devices at a fraction of the price Apple just always seems to be overkilled, but it's Apple what can you say, but the price of the iPhone 11'r' may have being a little less considering the fact that the people looking forward to buying it are considering a budget smartphone anyways. Now, Is it worth upgrading to the new iPhones? Well, that depends on what current phone you are using if its a device from 2016 and above then it will be worth the upgrade, but if you hold a device from 2018 and above I don't see it worth the jump.
Anyways the preorder starts from 13th September 2019 the Friday and the new iPhones will start shipping from 20th September 2019 onwards. 

Kids & Adults, Always remember to reduce, reuse and recycle

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