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Nokia 9 PureView worth the price, should you buy it ? | LifeBeingPractical

Nokia 9 PureView a Nokia smartphone that most people didn't even know existed until people started talking about it. It has 6 Cameras as the main selling point of this device, but is that enough to justify its existence?

Nokia 9 PureView worth the price, should you buy it

Nokia 9 PureView Overview:

Nokia launched this smartphone on 25th Feb 2019 and named it Nokia 9 PureView (PureView as in 6Cameras better Image). Quick Specifications Nokia 9 comes with 5.99inch display, 3320mAh battery, NFC, Wireless charging, No jack(duh), IP67 water & dustproof, USB type-C, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, Face unlocking, Fingerprint sensor, Gyroscope, Andriod 9.0 Pie, 6GB Ram & 128GB Rom with no expandable memory option.
Now with all that general stuff out the way lets talk about the camera the center of attraction of this device. Nokia 9 packs in 6 whole cameras 5 at the back of the device and 1 as a selfie savior. each camera resolution wise are five 12-megapixel f/1.82 rear located and one 20-megapixel f/1.82 front located.
Now, this 6 camera is no different than what most smartphone offers. Total of 2 different sensors Nokia has used for these 6 individual cameras. Monochrome and RGB sensors. Out of the 5 camera at the back of the of device 2 of them are monochrome sensors and rest 3 are RGB sensors with no means of having any individual functionality which what most phones with 2 or more camera has. All those 5 cameras are meant to capture the same image all at ones and stitch the image together to form one image that is supposed to be sharp and "most" clear image taken by a smartphone. Unlike other smartphones which have 2 or more cameras pack in different sensor like a telephoto, zoom lens, portrait lens, etc, which feels more value of money as the users can get different versions of image unlike Nokia 9 that is strictly focused on stitching 5 images together to form one. 
Practically having 6 cameras in a smartphone, not a bad idea but having them all do the same thing is just Pure dumb play. Google Pixel produces some of the best-looking sharp and detailed images using one camera at the back of the device. Huawei puts in 3 to 4 cameras on their smartphones all do wonder with their different sensors set up. And with all these options I don't see a potential need and use of the 6 camera set up in Nokia 9. Plus Nokia 9 fail the teardown test of JerryRigEverything.

Nokia 9 PureView is sold at $699 which puts this device at the premium territory and I don't feel it is justified by any means. Just having more cameras on a device doesn't make a convincing argument for me to buy a smartphone. So the conclusion will be you shouldn't buy this device but that's my opinion in terms of what being served and price to performance ratio. I mean black magic is offering a projector in a smartphone with only $400, 6 cameras with no means of extra features plus failing JerryRigEverything's teardown the Nokia 9 PureView is a no show.

Being different in deep doesn't matter, Being useful in need does -Ashraf

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