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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10 Plus launch Review, Thoughts, Opinion | LifeBeingPrcatical

 7th August 2019 after a boatload of leaks, rumor & speculations Samsung unveiled their Note 10 & 10+ and my goodness there were so many things to digest so many new features, news, & affords towards our global health as well. And alongside soo many good reasons to buy the new Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10 Plus launch Review, Thoughts, Opinion

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ launch Review, Thoughts, Opinion:

With Samsung's launch event, we got to finally see the most awaited smartphone every year and this year in the form of Note 10 & Note 10+. Yes, this year around Samsung launched two variants of their Note series as to how all the other manufacturers are doing and honestly, it's not a bad move by any means having options are never unjustified. But, similar to what everybody's doing Samsung also has differences in Note 10 & Note 10+. 

Obviously, Note 10+ being bigger with a 6.8inch display than the 6.3inch Note 10. Display resolution 3840p WQhd+ in Note 10+ & Fhd+ in Note 10. Insane screen to body ratio. Glass sandwich design. With an Infinity 0 display this time around with a centered hold punch with a single camera. And talking about the camera at the back of the device it comes with three cameras 16mp f2.2 ultrawide, 12mp f.1.5 & f2.4 standard lens with OIS and 12mp f2.1 telephoto lens. But, with the plus model, you get an extra lens which is a time of light lens. 3500mAh in Note 10 & 4300mAh in Note 10+. Wireless charging 2.0 relatively better and faster than the previous wireless charging & wireless powersharing is also packed in. Fast 25W wired charging and both Note 10 & 10+ is capable 45W fast charging which is insane but sadly 45w charger will be sold separately which is not so bad, Considering Apple chose to sell the normal fast charger for extra $75. 12GB ram in Note 10+ and 8GB ram in Note 10. Will retail in three colors Aura glow, Aura black & Aura white nice color scheme this time around. And all this with a price tag of Note 10 Starting at $950 and Note 10+ starting at $1100 not overkilled in terms of what the overall package is. The S.pen got a design change this time the S.Pen comes in with a unibody construction meaning more slim and steady. Also, there will a 5G model of Note 10 with a few $100's extra. 

Okay, all the general stuff out the window now let's discuss the existence of the Note 10. As in the whats new terms, Note 10 packs in tons of features that no one ever thought of especially in the camera department because that's where most users spend their life in creating memories. Note 10 lets you for the time add Boca effect in a video which is a crazy, Super steady mode which acts as steady-cam but with just a phone-in hand. Also, do a lot of AR stuffs live in the video and one of my personal favorites is 3D depth scanning which allows you to scan an object or human and then be able to 3D print it or create your own character and use it in AR. Samsung Dex got a significant upgrade which is that user can connect the Note 10 with any laptop or PC, Windows or Mac with just a plug and play style integration. Plus this was when Samsung announced their open collaboration with Microsoft and hence how they were able to initial Samsung Dex to work with any Windows laptop.
Alongside Samsung talked about how their devices are made out the recycled material and that their partnership in saving the planet and to fulfill the goals with 2030. And also announced sells that will come later within Note 10 devices whose profit will be gone towards donations in the betterment of our planet. This was a good decision and I guess we all should collectively sometimes do our best for the same.       

Now I want to take a moment a give a farewell to our good old friend Jack Rip him. Until 2017 Samsung was the sole company that felt for its customers and left the headphone Jack alive for us and now finally Samsung has also taken the decision to move on without Jack. RIP

So Note 10 & 10+ there it is launched and everything pre-order has started all over the place and it will start shipping from 23rd August 2019. Note devices are always on the top list of expensive premium territory and everyone knows who it is for and who buy it. But, if you are looking for a suggestion then Note 10 isn't a bad device by any means. Yeah, this time around you have two options, no headphone jack in both. But if you seek cost to performance ratio than Note 10 is the best option hands down. But if it's just about which is the most expensive one then go for the Note 10+ no one can stop you regardless. 

   Innovation and change is the essence of life, Take one out and your doomed - Ashraf  


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