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Folding Phones are not ready yet | LifeBeingpPactical

2019 Was the year of Folding phone where companies like Samsung, Huawei & Royole with its FlexPai have created a niche interest for a folding phone but, is a folding phone ready yet? Well, I'm here to say. No, Folding Phones are not ready yet.

Folding Phones are not ready yet

Folding Phones

In 2019 there has been a total of three different versions of Folding phones that were introduced to consumers and currently one has an official link of purchase. The FlexPai by Royole a very promising version 1.0 device that you can buy and get a hold on to for a whopping 1300 dollar. Where personally not a great or at least not the greatest deal I would say. Is it a novelty?  Yes.

Well, practically the other two version of folding phones the Galaxy Fold & Huawei Mate X which you cannot buy official yet and yes the Galaxy Fold was available to the public for a short while but got recalled soon after. And let alone the recall of Galaxy Fold from Samsung justifies the fact that Folding phones are not ready yet. Yet technically Galaxy Fold was the best possible design in terms of Folding Phones as the display folds inwards whereas, the FlexPai & Mate X folds outwards. Yet Galaxy fold had so many issues mostly with the screen which called for a recall. Now, thinking it wisely Samsung's implementation of folding the screen inwards which also acts as a protection for the screen as the screen is flexible and can't hold any sort of screen protector on and yet it faced problems. Plus no proper instruction and people used to peeling off the top plastic that a normal smartphone comes with lead to the most issues that Galaxy Fold faced. 

Folding Phones are not ready yet

But in the case of Huawei Mate X well that device is still under development process. Huawei Mate X did get listed in for sale for some brief time and some tech reviewers got to hold the device which signifies why the device is not available to the public. With Galaxy Fold's implementation of the display folding inwards the design itself looks unique and well-thought-out but with Mate X it seems more of an inspired Implementation as it resembles with the design implementation of the FlexPai. Now, most people won't agree. For you guys alone the FlexPai design was the one design that was showcased in CES back in 2017 and by the looks of it, Royole was the first company to propose this idea of folding phones. But, I think the Galaxy folds implementation seems more protective in terms of getting the display last longer. As, both the FlexPai & Mate x folds outwards there is no or absolutely no protection for the display which is really unsafe not as in unprotected display will die instantly, but no assurance from getting scratched up. Plus, in order to make sure that the display folds it has to be made out of plastic as glass doesn't fold and plastic is plastic, it will get scratched up bad and having the displays open to the nature that you pay 1300 to 1500 dollars for not a great idea.   
Folding Phones are not ready yet

Apart from the display implementation, the software isn't really up to that level of optimization to take the full advantage of a Folding Phone. A Folding Phone isn't just a phone that folds in half it's two separate displays that can have independent features and functionality. With a Folding Phone, we as users should get a feel of getting served with folding feature meaning more media consumption, more work done and it should feel justified to just carry a Folding Phone rather than a Folding Phone and a normal smartphone for backup.     

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