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Core differences between Budget, Mid-Range & Flagship devices-2019 | LifeBeingPractical

Budget, Mid-Range & Flagship devices have always created a set of bridges for everyone to make a decision of which to take and certain factor influence the decision of one being affordability. But, apart from affordability what are the core differences between Budget, Mid-Range & Flagship devices in 2019.

Core differences between Budget, Mid-Range & Flagship devices-2019

The core difference between Budget, Mid-Range & Flagship devices in 2019: 

In terms of actually mobile devices and experience, it's never has been that much different considering what category of devices is used by what category of consumers. It is always seen a hardcore power users holding a powerful expensive premium category device whereas, a normal day to day person walking with more budget device solely because he/she doesn't see a need to pay more than what their basic needs are. In a place where mostly the Budget and Flagship territory is explained customers always tend to get caught up making a decision between a Mid-Range and a Flagship device. Will solve that issue but lets first discuss the difference between the three in brief first. 


Budget device is straight in terms of who are their targetted customers and why it exists. The budget device usually lays in a price range of $150-$300 and to compensate for the price the buyer makes an adjustment with the display, battery, performance, camera, and design. A budget device comes with a very incapable processer, low res camera, and displays. The only major reason anyone buys these devices have to do with mostly affordability, Short-term use and for most consumers, it's just about making calls. So, there isn't really a competition between Budget and Flagship but buyer may rethink between Budget and Mid-Range device.


Unlike Budget & Flagship device Mid-Range devices are never really targetted or have a niche. Anyone previously using a Flagship phone switches to the Mid-Range will feel very least to absolutely no difference unless he/she is power freak. Mid-Range devices come in $300-$600 territory and packs in relatively a very capable processor, HD displays, good cameras & better battery. Due to its price coverage, it sits in between budget & Flagship devices and if as I said any previous Flagship users scale down to a Mid-Range device he/she will feel very less difference but in the other side if a Budget user upgrades to a Mid-Range device the experience will be significantly different. In 2019 point of view all the Mid-Range devices launched are very capable and some with extra features that even the Flagship doesn't get packed with.


Now Flagship the boss of everything is very much similar to Budget devices. Not in terms of performance in terms of being very targetted and focused. In 2019 the Flagship comes in at $800-$1200 and let alone the pricing explains its existence. With such payment, you get a beast in terms of latest Flagship level processers, best camera module, Qhd-Fhd displays, & a battery to last you a day worth of work. Obviously, only ones who have the money to pay buy this device but that doesn't necessarily mean that particular user knows the capability of the device he/she is holding. These might be the same consumers who want a phone that can make calls only that they have a premium sum to pay. But at the end of the day, all they do is make calls.

So, Above was the core differences between Budget, Mid-Range and Flagship devices. But, now how do we know what to choose and what suits our need. Well, this will be confusing so read carefully.
Budget devices have no competition with flagship devices but with a few bucks extra the buyer can make a purchase of a Mid-Range device, and vice-versa with the Flagship customers only that they don't have to buy a Budget device but Mid-range ain't a bad decision for them. But, now Mid-Range devices have a competition with both Budget & Flagship devices as it sits in between and is affordable like Budget devices and capable as a Flagship device. So, anybody trying to make a decision between a Mid-Range or Flagship, Or Budget or Mid-Range. Mid-Range is hands down the best option to go with. But, now which Mid-Range devices specifically to go for is up to you to decide.    

The capability of taking own decisions is a gift, So if anything is going wrong in life means you took a wrong decision - Ashraf

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