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Artificial intelligence, AI machine learning how much advance and reliable? | LifeBeingPractical

Artificial intelligence simulation of human intelligence but by digital entities. A sort of more advanced and reliable source of thinking technology. But, as of 2019 how much advance and reliable is Artificial intelligence & AI machine learning? 

Artificial intelligence, AI machine learning how much advance and reliable?

 Artificial intelligence isn't actually a thing but it is a lot of things as of 2019. Now, AI is an idea as in fully functional human brains that act as one knows what to do at what given situation and keeps on learning different tricks with time. As in an independent mind but every idea has a consequence and so does AI. If Artificial intelligence is meant to do what we mean it to do then we humans have to evolve and become more intelligent and advance because there have been some failed attempts to successfully create and Artificial intelligent systems. If we wish an actual Artificial intelligent system we have to first make sure we use it not it using us.

Now, an actually functioning AI system is a later story to tell it isn't officially out yet. But, does that mean we don't have an idea of what it may look like? We do, we have smartphones and at this day and age, everyone has a smartphone big or small, expensive or cheap. And all the smartphone comes with an assistant built-in. Samsung has Bixby, Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa & Google has Google.
Now, these are just your smartphone oriented and limited AI systems that can't think or have access to out of the smartphone. And outside of the smartphone the Google home & Alexa has access to what your smart-TV and is capable of ordering pizza that's it. As of now for a day to day person, this is more than what he/she needs to enjoy a what said advance technology.  Not that these AI systems are incapable of doing crazy things they're more consumers friendly oriented keeping in mind that normal person using them. But, no other extra access can be granted to these AI systems as a major key factor of Artificial intelligence is missing in them and that is Machine learning. A core element for Artificial intelligence to be an Artificial intelligence is its capability of machine learning.

As said all of those AI assistance has a basic set of machine learning that it uses to understand and keep a record of certain moods and demands of its users also Google can tell you what song has been playing in the background and that's about it. But, that's a call that can be avoided as not everyone holding a smartphone uses its particular assist. Apart we have something called Cookies a prime example of machine learning the basic one but worth billions. And I'm very sure you all know what cookies are its when your liking and disliking is stored and used on you to mostly show you ads that are mostly favored by you.

But these are not the qualities manufacturers or that said science & technology have been looking for. They are looking for a fully functional human replacement not that their aim is to replace humans but to make a system that acts as one. And the existing example of that kind of system is Sophia the robot. Sophia interact with people shows emotions like sad, happy even crying at some degree and can have a full-fledged conversation with a human. Only that Sophia like any other AI systems is very restricted as until humans don't find a full-proof way of making sure that we control them not the other way around we humans have to hold our grounds in Artificial intelligence as of now. And the other AI assistants will continue to get better with every update as it is meant to be a consumer-friendly novelty after all.

An idea towards greatness comes out of a signal brain, But it needs a million to get to the end goal - Ashraf


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