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Smartphone nowadays has become an essential part of humans. A person without a smartphone is like a body without a soul. Which by the way isn't total bad I mean look at this Nokia device that has a total of 7 cameras in it. 7 freaking camera most people don't even know what to do with the one camera they have in their iPhone 6.

Smartphones nowadays 2019

Smartphones nowadays 2019

Around the year 2000 when Nokia started to push in their mobile devices that were gaining so much popularity in the public as it was a device that people could fit in their pockets and make calls anywhere and anytime. Around that time was when Nokia unveiled its legendary phone Nokia 3310 which was a tremendous hit. And at that time there were two sets of people one who believed 2012 will be the end of the world and one who believed not. I mean one set of people that thought nothing will ever be able to top Nokia 3310 and one set of people that believed otherwise and congratulation to that set of people. 
From the initial start in 2000 to today the mobile phone market has changed drastically and has become something we know as the smartphone market and the change has been significant. There has been times when one individual dreamt of having a radio, camera, DVD player, & big bulky computers and today most people are only satisfied with one smartphone in their pockets.
A modern-day smartphone is still somewhere not properly understood by our oldies and still seek their satisfaction on those old devices like cassette players as their mainstream. Mostly is justified as not all people like changes and those are the ones that belives earth is flat. Today smartphone has become a substitute of once our very beloved devices all in one, And that has helped humans evolve which by the has divided people into not two sets but multiple sets. One set misuses this, one set uses it fairly, one set is bullying & another set is in depression and all this walks parallelly with each other which is unchangeable but not minimizable.  
That's an impactful part of the spectrum now more towards the technical. From Nokia 3310 in 2000 to next Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in 2019 there is a night and day difference in terms of the whole device itself. From tactile buttons to screen touch, 84 × 48 pixels pure monochrome display to almost 7 inches Super OLED displays. and every other feature like wireless charging, in-display fingerprint, triple camera setup, camera hole punched in the display, NFC, etc, signifies the fact that anybody who held Nokia 3310 in hands is now old enough as he/she has 2 generations some not even been 20 yet. Which if thought deeply is the only era known to most people that has taken change accepted it and also went as far as improving that change and put in efforts to make the best version out of it, That too in a matter of 2decades.
Which signifies how much capable this generation is that if we all collectively do our best towards a positive outrage we could become an undying history for the near future to look back at. And possibly think we had a partnership with aliens.

Every day teaches something new, Every step shows a hundred other ways and this happens until the time you take your last breath - Ashraf   

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