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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the next big thing launching on August 7, 2019, by Samsung. Samsung's note devices are always on lame light as people scratch the internet for its leaks and rumors as well as wait patiently to see how they treat the competition in the market and its customers with their new launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Summed up leaks, rumors, pricing

Unlike any other phone manufacturing companies, Samsung has always been the leader in terms of having their own production house where they make everything a smartphone needs starting from its chipset all the way to the displays. and it has been a very few instances where Samsung failed to stand up. And it is not hidden from anybody that after Note 7 Samsung has been more cautious with their deliveries, and Note 10 is no exception.

Summed up leaks and rumors.   

Speaking about the design of  Note 10. Samsung has always made its Note lineup in boxy shaped design which helps them distinct their Note lineup with all their other lineup of devices starting from the budget J series all the way to flagship S series. Samsung's own super AMOLED Infinity display makes it's way to Note 10 as well which measures up to 170mm as the usable display and the whole panel in about 177mm. With triple camera setup at the back one of which is going to have the same dual aperture setup as its predecessors which will allow you to be able to change the aperture from given to two options. At the front alone with a beautiful infinity display at the top, this time around you get a centered hole punch as a selfie camera. The S-pen still pops out of the bottom right side of the device and what special features it comes with this time around is always a joy to know at/after the launch.
Note 10 will be packing in three different processors this time around which are Qualcomm snapdragon 855 & 855+, and Exynos 9825. As usual, the Europian market will be getting the Qualcomm and Asian market will be served Note 10 with the Exynos versions. but, with Note 10 following the steps of S10 Samsung has teased 3 variants of Note 10, two of which will be kind of  Note 10 & Note 10 plus-ish and there is a 5G version of  Note 10 which is set to have the Qualcomm snapdragon 855+ chipset which is said to be roughly 4% more powerful compared to 855 which tend to better for those mobile gamer and power users as it not only boosts the performance as well as improves the battery efficiency. But no worries for the people getting treated with the Exynos 9825 chipset because this time Samsung decided to make their Exynos processors literally a powerhouse, in terms of Geek bench score the Exynos 9825 Single-core score- 4495 and multi-core score-10223 based on 7nm which is the best score yet seen in an android device. So nobody is losing anything in general.  
A piece of good news holding the hands of bad one is also very likely to debut with Note 10 which it will be 45W capable of fast-changing which is insane as it is top anything in the smartphone realm. but the bad news is the 45W adaptor won't be included in the box, within the box will come with the traditional 20W fast-charger and the 45W will be sold spread (Apple Fever) and the hopes are it not too overkilled in terms of pricing, Like Apple did but in apple's case it was a traditional fast-charger that was sold for $70, not the 45W and we have hope with Samsung. Another good news journey alone is that the base model of Note 10 will start at 250GB of storage again holding the hand of bad news is that the starting price of Note 10 will be at $1000 mark.      
Samsung devices are the best in terms of overall performance, features to cost ratio but every now than everything leaves some flaws behind that cost a lot for them to pay. It's only time that will reveal how well the execution of Note 10 will be, but whatever it will be it will have an impact on the smartphone market for sure.
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