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Practicality of gaming as far as Gaming goes | LifeBeingPractical

As far as gaming goes it has always been a fear factor for parents and joy factor for everyone else other than parents. But is gaming really practical as we see it is or is there more that can be done with the games we play?

Practicality of gaming as far as Gaming goes

Practicality of gaming as far as Gaming goes

Gaming has always referred by parents especially Mothers to be the main factor of the doom of their children, which is in some case has been proven to be true and shown the concern to be at some percentage justified. Which by the way goes by the name of Gaming Addiction and addiction is bad to be it in any field an addiction is an addiction that is always been the means of destroying one's life slowly but surely. But apart from all the negative sides of gaming from the last couple years creative individuals have shown that our day to day no means of getting anything out off playing games could be so much more which made people even parents into thinking that their child may be secretly earning millions. Some example goes by our favorite streamers like Ninja, Shroud, Dr. disrespect, and many others all over the world inspire millions to download OBS and start streaming because they see a potential in it. But just making up mind as a pose to just downloading OBS and getting started takes you to Moon for some it works out for some it doesn't. In which come into consideration the practical factors of gaming keeping 2019's perspective into mind. 
Now the practical factors of gaming are mainly 3 in the count and those are what matters the most. Those being Brainstorming, Earning & Just fun factors. Now, what are those? Keep reading. 

Practical factor:

Gaming has been in everyone's gallery of hobbies growing up and study also shows that gaming helps in brain development which is necessary especially growing up as a child to adult. Gaming allows the player to think out of the box and that creates a challenge for both the player and the creator who develops the game. For the creator, it's a challenge to deliver something that will force the player to make quick decisions, plan a few moves ahead that forces and enables the brain to be busy thinking and out of those come out the people who do wonders. As both the creator and the player is brainstorming more or less.
Earning from playing games was always a thing amongst professional competitive gamers ever since 1945 when the first official machine gaming was introduced. But now as in 2019 with the existence of Twitch & YouTube like platforms it has become so much more easier to earn as it doesn't require you to be a professional or competitive player. It is as I said downloading OBS and getting started. But, the catch here is this does not work out for everyone as there are almost a million peoples signing in to be a streamer the place gets crowded and only a few ones that do something different within gaming gets through and possibly start making a living out of it. It is by the way by no means impossible try your luck anyways.

Just fun
And as the name itself suggest this factor is Just fun, No means of getting paid, competitive gaming or earning is a concern here. Here all that a player wants is some quality gaming experience may be with family or friends or with him/herself whatever its a mean of relaxing and having fun. In here where there is no means of money is involved one thing is still in action and that is brainstorming as the player is using his/her brain to navigate through the game.

Highlighting more towards getting addicted to gaming is equivalent to getting addicted to drugs which bad. The idea is game for fun or money both in a distance from getting addicted. Because, addiction is bad even if it is getting addicted to water.

Gaming in a computer or console is equivalent to gaming in life, Only difference is you can't reset your mistake except for learning and moving on - Ashraf

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