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Technology has let alone made our day to day life easier were to contact someone sitting somewhere far from reach had to be sent a letter through a pigeon and waited months for a reply back, Is now done in a matter of secs so far so that you don't even know and there is a million-dollar deal being confirmed between two parties just through telecommunication. And the best part about it is technology every day becomes better than the previous. Each day there is a schematic for New innovations in technology making into our today's Advanced technology.

Top - 5 New innovations in technology

The world of technology is vastly spread around us and for an average day to day person it's very difficult to even think of a day without internet access. And that has increased the demand for more Innovative technology around us and let alone has become a good source of business. Each day with New Innovations in technology people become more aware, educated and willing to do more because of the vast connectivity we have got from our advanced technological access.

Top 5 Innovative technology 

Folding displays

Folding displays started as a fantasy and is still treated as such but the only difference is that now we have seen it's potential and felt it in hands. Folding a display was never an impossible thing to achieve I mean with so much other good and great achievements that science has seen, the folding display is a baby shot.
But, none the less it takes equal if not immense amount of work to accomplish in getting a display to fold in half without breaking it. But now that we have actually seen that a folding display is possible and also had a chance to hold it in hand. It makes clear that the future for the smartphone world is very clear and focused as if the most sensitive part of a smartphone it's displayed can be folded then anything can be done and achieved.     

Top - 5 New innovations in technology

3D printers

Next up is 3D printers and why not the creation of this device has taken creativity to a whole new level and people who own a 3D printer brings their imagination to form and shape them into whatever they like. So far so that people have gone as far as 3D printing a whole office even so a small house to live in. 3D printers have so much potential if used as such and the future tells the same as people have come up with this idea of actually using a 3D printer to print Artifical organ, building & Prosthetics. And also, many of these practices have been put into working as you read this article

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is bar far the most needed innovations in the tech world. But, what is cloud computing? You reading this article is cloud computing at least a part of it. Cloud computing is the reseason people are able to transfer terabits of data from one to another and it is also a reseason for you to be able to consume media anywhere anytime. Cloud computing has many uses apart from few we know and use each day. Many industries use cloud computing to link all the computers together to be able to access any file from any department in any computer if needed, it also allows to quick share files and data around and gives manual control over anything that you may be connected to. You can think of it as Bluetooth just more advanced.

Top - 5 New innovations in technology

Safer space mission

Due to the advancement in technology today space mission have become much more effective and safer and prime example for us is our first look of the black hole. While the first photo of earth from the space was taken from the moon by a human with a camera(obviously), The picture of the black hole was taken by multiple cameras and the size of one camera was bigger than most peoples house but safe part about this project was no human went to outer space to do so, People sitting inside earth with this heavy utility cameras took the photo of black-hole and trust me the science behind is mind-boggling.  
Also, for other space mission like another Moon mission and Mars mission the technology is enough equipped with ideas that before actually sending humans there, we will have enough knowledge as to what to expect when stepping foot in the lands of wonders.

Top - 5 New innovations in technology

Virtual and Augmented Realities

Virtual and Augmented reality is often taken by people as just a fantasy device that makes you feel like you are in that world which mostly is used for gaming. But, AR & VR is so much more than you think, It has the ability to shape and test anything before doing it in real as if done right it will give you an accurate result in a reel form of what will happen if you do something in real. Advanced AR & VR is even capable of simulating Space. AR & VR has a lot of potentials and can do wonders if used properly and it has already been doing wonders as AR & VR is slowly becoming something more than just fantasy.

Top - 5 New innovations in technology

Technology has always been an interesting topic to talk about but what gives it a reason to be interesting is its evolution and improvement which is made possible by the great minds working and putting in their affords to create something new, something innovative and that's what it is, All thanks to the minds involved in creating all this that we know today making our life easier and interesting.

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