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Mobile phones nowadays - Rant | LifeBeingPractical

Mobile phones industries are one such trend that has been growing rapidly over the course of the last decade. While the original design of a mobile device was not so mobile after all, today's is a bit too mobile even so that a family under the same roof communicate through messages. Very convenient? I guess not.

Mobile phones nowadays - Rant

Mobile phones nowadays (Rant-ish)

While human history has a record of how tough the life was without proper communication back in the days where horses, camels, donkeys were the mode of travel and transportation which used to take months to reach from one part to another part of the spectrum. Will honestly not that much has changed as humans evolved and what we know of that today is any different from what we were.
Sure modern technology has made communication fast, travel and transportation take hours instead of days and months and we can order things to your doorsteps with just one click on your smartphone.
Mobile phones nowadays is a mode of competition amongst a various group of people. one who sells them and one who buys them. The one who sells smartphones want to sell it in more and more profit obviously for which they come up with crazy different ideas like increasing the screen to body ratio, add more camera, put in more pixels, let the screen fold in half, put a fan in it, remove the jack, put the fingerprint scanner under the display, etc, which obviously is their responsibility and duty to deliver if they want to be a company that is listed as the company.
But the real issue comes in that these devices became too mobile in terms of not what the manufacturers are offering but how we are using. 
And on the manufacturers part Empasizesing Apple here the mentality has become as such that you pay less you get more and pay more you get less. "Less is more" kind of situation here.
Where companies charging $400 are trying to fit in a projector and Apple did not had room for the jack followed by many other manufacturers who took the Apple path got rid of the jack and increased the price. whereas later in the party, launches several version of the same device and adds the jack on the cheaper version and removes in the more expensive one. Because the majority of people still uses wired headphones even if it means using it with a dongle. 
Before the Nokia phones were in no means less than Mjolnir now if the phone slips off the hands the owner dies in the moment. The user used to charge their phones for 10mins which lasted them for a month whereas now users pray in advance that they find a charging station where ever they go.
And most importantly lives have changed and got affected by modern-day smartphones very badly where I guess the users didn't quite get the idea behind being a smartphone owner. The device we hold in our hands is connected worldwide now where anything happening good or bad in the north pole can be accessed and seen sitting on the south pole. and thus, we misuse such great power in our hand. 
The smartphone fever has taken over families and friends because we are busy making digital family and friends by ignoring the ones sitting right beside us, Our youth is in depression trying to find happiness on Instagram and Facebook. The fault is collectively everybody's in here. If a 10year old is in depression because he/she sees these happy people on the internet and compare them with him/herself's lives is because he/she feels the loneliness despite having a fullfledged set of a family but all too busy finding happiness else were mostly digital world.
And people are busy capturing moments in their galleries than in their lives, they tend to click more photo and videos via their smart devices than really being at the moment and enjoying it with their own god gifted inbuild cameras. And the very terrifying act of shame shown by people is that when they see anybody in harm or fight they tend to reach for there smartphones rather lending those hands for help (disgusting). 

One shall appreciate others harm when the same happens to them, Only way not to get yourselves in such harm is by at least not insults other situations - Ashraf

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