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iPhone 11 mock up possible leaks,rumors or the next iPhone? | LifeBeingPractical

So recently this possibly what is and looks like the next iPhone mock-up was all over the internet. Man the Chinese have done it again. Bringing the new iPhone to the market before even Apple does it.
But, is this it? is this boxy-looking camera module is gonna make it to the final official product or even the next iPhone is gonna be named as iPhone 11? 

iPhone 11 mock up possible leaks,rumors or the next iPhone?

General Info about the Mockup iPhone 11

A device running a skined Andriod OS to look and function like an iOS circle ever year in the tech
iPhone 11 mock up possible leaks,rumors or the next iPhone?
market before an actual iPhone release. It's also amazing to see things like mockups also getting better every year, Yes previous mockups used to have a fake secondary camera and used to shut off in the first few minutes of usage. But, it's kind of obvious that anybody or mostly anybody buying this product has to do a lot with novelty. Retails in a couple 100 bucks is straight for the purpose of trying to match up to what a lot of leaks and rumors are floating around. And most of the people buying this is to have a general factual idea of what a finished iPhone will look like.
In terms of actual specifications on this mockup devices, they're never mentioned similarly as Apple never clearly talk about their battery capacities.   

Leaks & rumors of the next iPhone

Talking about the major design changes the only thing that's kind of very likely to happen is that boxy-looking camera module at the back of the device which has been the center point of the iPhone leaks thus far. The below image of machined aluminum slabs cut out of the next iPhone shows that same boxy design as well as hints the next 3 varients of iPhone which has to be a Plus, a normal and an "affordable" version of the next unveiling. Also, one thing to clearly notice is that the normal version packs in two cameras at the back whereas the "Affordable" version with three. Which is kind of skeptical, As if this turns to be what it is then the "affordable" version won't be any "affordable" whatsoever. But not to be sure all will be officially confirmed at the release.
Many tech geniuses also speculate that the next iPhone might not even be called as iPhone 11. which becomes more exciting to wait for the official release mainly to see what Apple comes up with to official to call their next "innovation". But, there is a high-level of doubt there will be any major interesting fact to look at as Apple has a tendency to carry mostly the same designed iPhone for a couple of years what changes is just the numbers that you have to pay.
With that, how much this leak's turns to be true and how well the official product be will be unveiled after the launch. Only suggestion with iPhones every year is been don't expect much.

iPhone 11 mock up possible leaks,rumors or the next iPhone?
Expectations kill the courage to do more, so expect less because you always have to do more  - Ashraf

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