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Face app save or dangerous? | LifeBeingPractical

Face App trend has the internet going crazy over the past few days, And recently after a short description getting to know that this app was actually developed by Russia it strikes a caution signal into peoples mind. Is the app really dangerous or people are just scared of Russian tech?  
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Face app save or dangerous


A recent trend followed by almost every popular influencers, celebs and millions of people suddenly strikes a thought of what if it may be a secret project from the Russian republic as a pose to stealing users data. And this fear initial strake after knowing that the app was actually developed by a small group of people in Russia and Russia is famously known and feared by people as person data stealers. But, my question remains are you sure only Russia does it and no other App in your phone is risking your personal data?

Face app save or dangerous
FaceApp is listed in google play store with a 4.5 rating and a million reviews and million-plus downloads. Let alone having an app listed on google's play store makes it 50% save as google has a reputation of not allowing any contagious app listed in play store.

Face app save or dangerous

Also, people are vicious about why this app asks a lot of permission to do its job which is making you look old, young, also add bread, etc, the permission requires you to first allow it to access your photos which is actually optional but even if it did ask you to do it I don't see anything wrong as the app in itself is a camera app which does need access to your photo to do its job of what it was meant to be.
Face app save or dangerous

Next it is an information and at the same time terms & condition kind of thing where the app informs you that for "cloud photo processing each photo you select for editing will be uploaded to our servers for image processing and face transformation" not too shabby and this kind of also makes sense when you see what kind of results it gives and how real the transformation looks. Also, up till now, there isn't anything that triggers an alarm as a pose to getting robbed or something. 

Face app save or dangerous

And the last permission it requires is to have access to your media and files, which is again a very simple permission access requirement for a camera and photoshop app as it has to save the edited photo to your device's files. And as far as privacy exploitation is concerned no evidence of an actual leak or stealing has been reported yet from FaceApp's use and the question remains doesn't every app you download from play store or any other platform askes this permission to perform their tasks? Now being cautious with the FaceApp isn't anything wrong you should be cautious with whatever you do and use out in the internet and almost everything out on the internet collects your data and most of them are to show you ads according to your taste and search preferences.

So, practically there isn't any particular reason to fear the FaceApp nor there are any official reports of exploitation. But misusing or overuse of anything has always resulted in bad forums. But not to very careless you should be very cautious with what you download and store on your device and what permissions you grant to it. Take for instance if you download a game and it needs access to your media and files that is acceptable. but if you download a calculator and it requires access to your camera that's vicious and something to worry about. For now, FaceApp is completely saved to use but also it's true you can't trust a Russian App also just because it's Russian doesn't mean it bad.

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