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Apple Vs Samsung-  the all known leading companies in the smartphone market are always in hand to hand competition. And it also involves in their general consumer's bases with an ongoing conflict amongst one another on a debate as to who's best in Apple Vs Samsung. Well here's a general showdown into both companies services and offering with keeping 'consumer-friendly' as a main key reference. 

Apple Vs Samsung who's the best?

Apple Vs Samsung Showdown

Please note that the below analysis is all done on the bases of a consumer and as a consumer as a pose to what each company comes up with to satisfy us. Also, market value and reliability of components for their product towards other manufacturers is also taken into consideration.

Starting the comparison with their product line up and market share:
Apple launches at the most 3 smartphones, 2 versions of their iPad and at the most 3 different categories of computers. And all of these products are specifically targetted for the business class customers as they never compromise with their pricing.
Whereas, Samsung launches almost 40 different smartphones each year which includes exclusiveness to a particular region and class of consumers covering almost everyone corners of smartphone's market share as they produce device from budget all the way to premium flagship-level mark. Which doesn't mean Samsung compromises with their pricing by any means but because they have products for a different group of consumers their pricing doesn't seem to be an issue very often. Also, it's to be noted they have a hold on other essentials that any day to day person needs be it a washing machine, TV, monitors, computers, etc. 
Also to remember in the names of selling a budget device Apple uses their iPhone 6 lineup in 2019.
Whereas, Samsung has its specific 2019 budget lineup.

Apple Vs Samsung who's the best?

Comparing them in terms of liability and consumer-friendly treatment:
Apple is no doubt a company that tries to help out any issue that their product and services cause to a consumer. But, they always step back when it comes to stepping forward and taking the responsibility of their mistakes let's take a quick example of 2018 "Apple gates" the battery issue where Apple allegedly slowed the battery performance of their iPhone 6 devices. they say it was to increase the initial performance of the device itself but never the less they did this without a user concent. Also, their repairability with the recent device has gone crazy where the customer has to pay an equivalent price to repair their device with almost what they bought it for.
Samsung by far has a good if not best reputation in terms of repairability of their devices as well as taking responsibility for an issue that their product and services cause to a consumer. Take an example of their Note 7 trama and recently their Samsung Galaxy folds where they took account and recalled all the products back with a refund. But, this doesn't mean that Samsung is not secretly tinkering with your device battery performance and whatnot. They might what do you expect from a business it's a business after all. And not about a company doing anything secretly, it's about when their secret get to reveal how they react and take the responsibility of it. Unlike Apple, they come up with a statement where they say "Our product was flawless you may have mistakenly pressed something" (no offense).

Comparing them in terms of independency of manufacturing their own components:
As good and as successful Apple is they actually don't manufacture any major component for their smartphones even their highly capable A chipset is partly manufactured by Samsung. And after the breakdown of HTC and LG, Apple is highly dependent on Samsung to deliver its innovative liquid retina displays. Apple surely has been reports of trying to develop its own manufacturing units and the make in India project is also on. But, it doesn't seem like Apple is very intimate about setting up their own production house.
On the other hand, Samsung is a production beast when comes to making components, Which tends as a backbone of the company as they make twice the profit from manufacturing for themselves as well as other companies. Samsung Even helps Qualcomm in partially manufacturing their Snapdragon chipset. And Samsung produces the finest displays in the market hands-down. So, for Samsung they never have to relay and as a pose delay their launch because of any delay from the manufacturer's side. Whereas, Apple faces such issue almost every launch and recently there have been reports that Apple will be facing a shortage of Chipset for their next iPhone launch.

So, those are the basic info anybody for seeks when judging whose the better than other. Where there are other factors to determine Apple doesn't seem to have much to talk about as they're very specific with what they are offering and that doesn't change. And similarly, Samsung has its own flaws floating around but because they take certain steps makes them more consumer-friendly than others. And this analysis was as such so I leave it up to you to decide the best for yourself, for me Samsung has been the best cost to performance and overall better option in the market. For you, it might be different.   

The ability to choose is a gift to all humans, not to forget it's humans that makes mistakes and that's a gift too - Asharf 

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